How to fix to getting 404 page while accessing any page in wp-admin

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When I was doing freelancing I was got a project to fix WordPress admin section. He saw me by screen shot in the conversion and told me that he had cloned and left the website since 1 year. When I saw the screenshot I understand no one any stylesheet load on admin and couldn’t accesss any page like plugin.php or user.php. When I trying to open these page through links I was getting 404 page. But all good in frontend. And I through it can be solve by change the site url link in options table in database.

I was also google How to fix to getting 404 page while accessing any page in wp-admin, but can not found 😌. So i started my mission to solve this. let me explain through this article how did I solve this problem by some methods

Check the site url in wordpress option table in database

I was checked in site url on the options table in the database the site url was fine and the same as the current domain where the site has host. But I paste the url again by coping from chrome url bar. 😊 But same problem. And moved to second method

Deactivate the theme and Plugin

I through his previous developer might do some code in function.php, and checked but I can’t found so I was deactivate the theme to deactivate all the code of the theme and activate a wordpress default theme. But when the theme deactivation also was not worked I looked to plugin. I compress all the plugins and delete all from plugins folder of the wordpress. Still same issue 😉.

And I was think I will reinstall a new wordpress and connect to the same database to restore the site. But I though if moved to new wordpress installation then the bug will be hide and couldn’t get the exact problem and couldn’t see my enemy. So I was forward to my next mission.

Checked the wordpress core directories

When I failed all the methods and the finally checked by removing themes and plugin, finally I decided to enter wordpress core directories. So firstly I enter to wp-admin folder because the main problem in there. When I was checking this folder I couldn’t decide which file shall I open. In that my eye was stopped at the .htaccess file. I was doubt, and checked my another wordpress site’s wp-admin directories, there was not htacces file in wp-admin folder. Then i deleted the htaccess file within a second. And the admin panel loaded with his structure and style. I just clap by my hands.

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