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How to deactivate maintenance mode while updating the plugins and themes

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WordPress has a good feature to activate maintenance mode while updating any theme, plugin or WordPress version. But sometimes it harasses some people if their site has a huge number of visitors. You will get an awesome trick to avoid maintenance mode while updating theme or plugins.

This article is going to explain How to deactivate maintenance mode while updating the plugins and themes by some steps. before going to explain we should know why this feature.

Why WordPress has this feature?

Basically WordPress allows this feature due to avoid the broken functionality of the site. when updating any theme and plugins, all files of the particular theme and plugin updating with bulk. so some function couldn’t work if the certain file is updating and user will be harsh or leave the site. and it will be hardly affect to e-commerce business if some user is going to do payment. So we will discuss in here to avoiding this maintenance mode without causing any error.

Avoid Maintenance Mode

We will discuss here the two way to avoid maintenance mode while updating plugin or theme.

Through FTP

Through WordPress Admin

1. Through FTP

folder of wp-contents in FTP

Download the updated plugin or if you using any premium plugin create a stage site and update in there. then download the updated plugin from the state site. Access your website folder through FTP and enter to wp-contents then plugins. open your directory where your update plugin/theme contains of your local computer within the left side panel of the FTP. right-click on the updated plugin and upload to your site. which can update the plugin’s file one by one which can not affect to site’s functionality and doesn’t enable the upkeep mode of the plugin.

if you are using a staging site, first check all things that work well or check the functionality of addon of that particular plugin that works well or not. because sometimes plugin removes some actions/filters which are still using the add-on of the plugins. so after checking all functionality use the update to your live site.

2. Through Admin Dashboard

Plugin Directoy

Through this method, you will deactivate the plugin and delete the plugin if this plugin isn’t an effect any frontend on the site. after deactivate delete the plugin and upload your new updated plugin. if you use any premium plugin you can download from your staging site after the update as we discuss in the previous method. Do activate after upload the plugin on your live website. This method is only applicable if the certain plugin does not effect to the frontend of your website.

We will recommend, use a staging site for your maintenance. if you updating any plugin or theme and updating any code on your website use a staging site. it is a very bad habit to update anything in the live site. because it will affect your SEO score and user engagement.

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